Fountains of Time

Have you ever taken time to wait, and watch?
To see the colored foam rise in front of the Bellagio,
in red, white, and blue, and always in synchronization
with the music being played, dancers made of water.
Every thirty minutes in the afternoons and evenings, 
and every fifteen minutes from eight till midnight, 
though that's just the show. They are always there.
But it's over so fast. They have to go, have to get to
the next show, in the next fifteen minutes, lest they
miss that show, miss the purple mists, and only get
to see the ripples left behind by the beauty now past.
Or so they think. If they just waited fifteen minutes...
But you cant wait. How could you wait? If you wait
here you miss the next show thats going on over there.
And then you'll be waiting on that, and then on the next,
and you will never catch up to... well, to the present show.
But thats what they don't get. The show is right here.
Have you ever taken time to wait, and watch?

Photo by joeyspadoni.