Paraklausithyron, by  joeyspadoni

Paraklausithyron, by joeyspadoni

(παρα- besides
perhaps- more
Besides- I am
so close, near
to them, they
can't breath, any
air, but mine and
I, but theirs.
My fingers trace
(his cheek through
his dark brown
beard)(her neck
behind her soft
auburn hair)(his
arms wrapped in
white wrap around
my)(her pale white
arms, besides mine.)
And then- the παρα
of (his)(her) red
lips that are always
always with the right
words when I need
them, but never more
than they are now,
this near and dear now.
(κλαίω- lament, sorrow, shut out, exclude.)
Just down the steps, a fountain weeps
No the only font, nor the only tears.
The people gather on her steps and beg
for her to grant the wishes of their heart.
But she weeps, because she can not help them.
If only they would take a moment more,
look within her rippled dark blue waters
She could show them the one who will help them.
But no. They toss their coins in her and dream...
And they marvel at her beauty, but that...
So she excludes, and so, weeps eternal.
(θύρα- door
there's nothing more)
but you know-
there is nothing new
under you.
the lover's red kiss
the fountains blue abyss
it's all your work
from your great height
spreading light.
For you are the door
through which the people pour.
Without you, how
would these creatures see,
these beings be.
You golden orb!
You glorious (often times) god!
Through you, we
are freed from darkness,
dreamless sleep.
Now again! Through
the skies of azure blue!
Through your kingdom!
Through the streets of Rome!
Make her polychrome!
Upon the lovers, the fountain!
Upon the crowds, upon this mountain!
Let your light
upon my lens, let it shine!
Through my doors, captured,
to share your light,
to share mine.

Photo by joeyspadoni