The Guitarist

The Guitarist, by  joeyspadoni

The Guitarist, by joeyspadoni

Fingertips dance
across strings of steel
coiled to the right width
pulled to the right taught,
pulled just a bit more and re
leased to release their wail.

Sunlight dances
across the orange guitar of wood,
orange man, wood,
fingers moving in the right way,
pulling and coiling, around the neck
around the curved body, re
leased to release his wail.

Slowly now, his softened fingers craft
one solitary note,
another solitary note,
steady now, he pulls together notes,
joining them to melody.

Faster yet, as being and man
become one voice, moving to
scale, up and down the flaming branch,
he works it into a fury, releasing,
the strings wailing, sunlight streaming,
Pain of both, and the same
run again, and the same
run again, and the same
run again, and the same

All the melodies in harmony.
Man, guitar, harmony.

Photo by joeyspadoni