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There are two things that you can do that are totally free to you and which have the greatest impact on my work. The first is to subscribe to the website via the mailing list. It lets me let you know when I put out new content, which will help you see more of what I do, and help increase my view numbers. And the more of my content you view, the more likely you are to see something worth sharing with the world. Which is the second thing that you can do. Sharing my content helps me to reach new audience members who wouldn't otherwise find my content. You can subscribe to the mailing list below, and share links are available on all of the content I post. 



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The second generous thing you could do is offer a small donation, kind of like a tip or a thank you for me adding a little joy or curiosity to your day. As a recommended donation, I would suggest $3. Essentially you will be buying me a cup of coffee, which in turn helps me write the content that you have enjoyed! Just three $3 donations a month would be enough to totally offset the cost of the website. But of course, you are free to donate as much or as little as you would like. Every little bit helps!

The Tip Jar


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The final thing you can do to support my work is to become a patron on Patreon. Your monthly contribution assures that I can keep doing this and eventually make writing a creating into my permanent career. There are a couple of different tiers that allow you to contribute between $1 and $10 every month to help me keep the lights on, and the various tiers include different perks and special content! If you are unable to support on a recurring monthly basis, that is totally fine. Subscribing, sharing, and leaving the occasional tip are plenty, and support me so much. But if you have some extra income that you want to use to help support a writer in creating new content, this is a great way to do it!