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1: "Forty Cone Pushes"

1: "Forty Cone Pushes"

This time Joey and Ponders talk about what they want to get out of this show. Joey teaches Ponders how the Draft and the Combine work. Ponders teaches Joey that he reads a lot more poetry than he gives himself credit for.

The Pats:
Patriots Almost Move to Boston
NFL Beginners Guide to Football
The Combine

The Poets:
Poetry- Robert Frost
Poetry- The Law of the Jungle
Not Poetry- David McCullough’s Truman
More of Ponder’s Poetry

Pats and Poets Twitter: @patsandpoets
Joey’s Website:
Joey’s Twitter: @joeyspa_photo
Ponder’s Website:
Ponder’s Twitter: @thponders

1: "Spring Break Housing"

1: "Spring Break Housing"