Office in a Small City  by Edward Hopper (1953)

Office in a Small City by Edward Hopper (1953)

For man is a giddy thing, and this is my conclusion.
— Much Ado About Nothing, V.iv, William Shakespeare

My name is Thomas Huxley Ponders, but most just call me Ponders. 

I am the man working behind the scenes here at Much Ado About Productions in order to provide you with quality content to help expand the way you think about everything. I agree with Aristotle when he said in his Ethics that one of the most critical parts of every man's eudaimonia is the nourishment of the soul through knowledge. I also agree with Plato, that the best way for man to come closer to understanding the ideal forms of truth is through dialogue and conversation. 

I have always had an affinity for learning everything I can, be it Science, Math, History, Literature, Philosophy, Economics, etc; but, and this is very important, I will never claim that I know everything. In fact, if I were truly as wise as Socrates, I would claim that I know only that I do not know. (But then again, that's probably not the best thing to say when you are trying to create educational content for other people.)
I will concede this: what is posted here will have, as best as I understand it when I hit the green publish button, what I believe to be fragments of the truth. Not the Platonic Forms of truths but rather something which I believe might help others, as well as myself, move one step closer to having a better understanding. 

This has turned out to be quite an awful biography. All you know is my name and that I have a Philosophy 101 understanding of the three great Greeks. And perhaps that is exactly what I ought to leave you with, and let you piece out the rest of me in my works and correspondences. But I suppose I will leave you with one interesting fact about myself. 

Believe the bard or do not: man may well not be a giddy thing. But I most certainly am a giddy thing. Get me on the right topic (i.e. anything) and I get excited. Excited to the point that I start tripping over my words and saying ridiculous and passionate things.

You may just have to forgive me. 

Yours in the pursuit,

T.H. Ponders


Post Scriptum-

My editor says that I need to tell you kind folks where you can follow my work besides this website. At the bottom of the page, you'll find a link to the social media pages for the blog. Or you can use these links to find the Twitter page @MuchAdoNetwork, the Facebook page, or the Tumblr page.

The Youtube Page currently has nothing on it, but all of that content will be copied onto the blog as well. 

Additionally, you can follow me personally on Twitter @thponders, on Instagram @thponders, and on Tumblr @ponderingponders.



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